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今日は、法律業界むけ用のソフトウエア開発大会(ハッカソン)が「LINE株式会社」で開催されている。一応、主催は「LexisNexis社」みたいだ。グループには、LEGAL TECHが本業の方も参加しているようだ。メンバーは結構多く、200人ぐらいはすでに登録があるが、参加者の80%は、日本国籍ではないと思う。







Today, a software development competition (hackathon) for the legal industry is held at “LINE Corporation” Tokyo.  The host is  “LexisNexis”.  About 200 people had already registered and 80% of the participants seems to be Non-Japanese.

Looking at participants, photos of TensorFlow (a framework for deep learning (used for artificial intelligence) developed by Google) are used. So, this group is interested in A.I. development. When searching with TensorFlow, jobs that exceed 1 million yen per month appear to be displayed, but the actual situation is not clear.

Viewing from the inside of the group, “Everyone doing AI development for the legal industry using deep learning!”

Although it is a “biased view”, Everyone is doing it.

By the way, EY (Earnst Young),  “BIG4” of the major accounting firms, and SDL, a global translation management software company, are also sponsors.

Looking at such facts, it may not be a “biased view” that everyone is doing.