New type of Law Firm




① オープンコラボレーション
② グローバルサービス・プラットフォーム
③ 技術ソリューション・人工知能
④ 投資・資金・運用
⑤ 価値ベースの価格設定
⑥ 地域社会への貢献
⑦ プロボノ
⑧ 世界にたぶん43支店ぐらいある


When working in a big building, we cannot find out any other companies in the same building.   Recently, I found a new type of Law firm in the same building in Marunouchi Tokyo.  This law firm Greenberg Traurig is a Limited Liability Company and it has founded a new group “Recurve.”

What is that?  The keywords of this is group is:

(i) Open Collaboration

(ii)  Global Service platform

(iii) Technology solutions and artificial Intelligence

(iv) Investment and financial operation

(v)  Value-based pricing

(vi) Contribution to Community

(vii)  Pro Bono

(viii) Maybe 43 branches in the world

Well, many Law firms may be interested in such type of business, but few firms actually started such a business.